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  • I BOUGHT AN ITEM AND CHANGED MY MIND.  CAN I RETURN IT? We do not accept returns after 30 days.   A 10% restocking fee may be charged for returning an order that is not being sent back for warranty reasons.
    There are NO returns on any custom orders.   Customer is responsible for shipping on all returns and exchanges.
    If an item is to be returned to us for any other reason, approval must be made in advance through email (
    If an item (such as a complete bike, or anything that reqires assembly) is assembled prior to being returned to us, you will be charged for whatever the loss in value if it cannot be shown, or shipped as a "new" product. "New" meaning in it's original factory box, and wrappings.
    If you are returning an item that was shipped to you with "free" shipping, you will be charged the cost of that original shipping cost.  There's really no such thing as "free" shipping, as UPS and the Post Office does charge us for each and all items that are shipped out from here.
  • ARE SKYWAY TUFF WHEELS SOLD AS PAIRS, OR JUST A SINGLE WHEEL? All of the Skyway Tuff Wheels that we sell are sold as front and rear wheel sets.
  • ARE SKYWAY TUFF WHEELS STILL MADE IN THE USA?  Yes!  Skyway still makes their world-famous Tuff Wheels in their Redding, California factory since the late 70's in the very same location!
  • DO  THE SKYWAY TUFF WHEELS COME IN THE VERY SAME COLORS AS BACK IN THE 80'S? Sometimes. Skyway uses a mixture of pigmented nylon material when making their Tuff Wheels. Over the course of the last 30 years, some of the companies that supplied Skyway with their pigments have gone out of business, or have changed their formula on how some colors are made due to new EPA laws. This, along with the fact that color tint can change from production run to production run makes it hard for a wheel that is made now, to match a wheel that was manufactured 30 years ago! It's possible in some cases, but more times than not, they will be a different shade from what you saw on a bike back then.
  • I DO NOT LIVE IN THE USA, CAN I STILL ORDER? Yes!  We ship worldwide, every day, Monday-Friday! We use USPS International priority service for most outgoing International shipments. We CAN NOT ship SE complete bikes overseas.
  • HOW MUCH IS SHIPPING TO ME? To see what shipping will cost, please feel free to add the items to your "shopping cart" and then you will be able to calculate shipping prior to placing the order.
  • IT SEEMS THAT THE SHIPPING COST SHOWN IS TOO HIGH? If our website overcharges you for shipping, we WILL send you back a refund for shipping cost not used.
  • DO YOU GUYS BUY BIKES? We do on occasion.  Only BMX bikes, though!  Feel free to send photos of what you have to so we can get a look at what you are interested to sell, or trade.
  • HOW COME YOU DO NOT SHIP OUT SE COMPLETE BIKES OVERSEAS? Well, it's against SE's policy for us to sell and ship complete bikes ouside of the USA.  Additionally, it's very expensive!  UPS charges well over $500 to ship out a complete bike to an overseas location.  We CAN, however, ship out SE framesets, and parts, worldwide!  If you live outside the USA, and you try to purchase an SE complete bike from us, your order WILL be canceled, and your money returned.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED?  CAN I STOP BY TO PICK UP AN ORDER? We are located in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.  If you place an order online, you can certainly stop by to pick it up if you are local to the area.  E-mail us at in advance to make sure that someone will be here when you would like to stop by.  We are typically here Monday-Friday 10am to 5pm, but there are times that we may be closed if we are doing an event, or making a local delivery.
  • CAN I JUST DROP BY TO CHECK THE PLACE OUT? Since we are a mail-order BMX company, we work out of a warehouse, and there's not much to look at except boxes.  Lots of boxes!  Since 99.9% of our business are not local to us, we are just not set-up as a showroom, like a typical bike shop would be. And we just don't have the staff to handle walk-in traffic.  Most importantly- since we are a warehouse environment, our insurance does not allow customers in the warehouse. So, because of these factors, we do not encourage people to stop by.  You CAN pick up orders here, though!
  • HOW MUCH IS MY OLD BMX BIKE WORTH? Bike value is dependant on individual taste on the most part!  So- we do not even try to put a cash value on someone else's old BMX bike.  
  • WHERE CAN I GET SOME INFO ON MY OLD BMX BIKE / PARTS? There are many BMX message boards loaded with great info!  Check out, and for starters!
  • I PLACED A DEPOSIT ON A BICYCLE, BUT I CHANGED MY MIND.  CAN I GET MY MONEY BACK? In cases where we do accept deposits on bikes, you may get a full refund for 60 days after that payment is made.  If the final payment due date for your bicycle passes, and you cancel, you will be issued a credit to use on our website for your full deposit amount. 
  • I FOUND IT CHEAPER SOMEWHERE ELSE.  DO YOU PRICE MATCH? We do price match on all current year models, and we do try our best on previous years models, too! Let us know where something is advertised for less, and we'll do our best! Price matching included shipping, so we'll do our best to meet, or beat, any competitors "Out The Door" price!
  • HELP!  I HAVE A QUESTION THAT IS NOT ANSWERED HERE! E-mail us a, and a customer service rep will contact you!
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